Hamas and Fateh: Hatred Manufacturing !!

For Unity.

Sami, The Bedouin.

He held my head in his hands and said smiling: “Are you ready to sell your head?”, and knowing the trick and who he was, I said “No, never!!” But he added: “We need people like you who speak and write excellent English. We have bought columns and even pages in newspapers in the Arab countries; Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco… and even in “israel”.”

That was one of my best friends whom I invited for Iftar at the beginning of this Ramadan. He works as a manager of a PA owned website that promotes the PA propaganda. They are launching a wide campaign to beautify the PA image to the Arab, israeli and even West audience !! “So, what are you doing now?” I asked just to know and probably to use in my writing. “We have just launched an English and Hebrew Website and need writers and editors.” he…

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Mossadist Leading ISIS in Libya


Palestine Momentum

Libyan authorities arrested a leader and mosque preacher of the ISIS terrorist group who later confessed to be a Mossad officer.

According to the Libyan authorities, preacher Abu Hafs’ real name is Benjamin Efraim, an Israeli national operating in one of Mossad’s special units (Mestarevim) which conduct espionage and terrorist operations in Arab and Islamic countries.

ISIS Mossadist Benjamin Efraim: “Abu-Hafs”

The Libyan authorities said the Mossad spy has started his career in Libya by leading a 200-member ISIS-affiliated group and moved to Benghazi in disguise as a preacher.

According to them, Abu Hafs had attempted to infiltrate Egypt, adding that the group, under his command, is among the most barbaric terrorist groups which had threatened to export war to Egypt.

undercover Israeli Mossadist undercover agents

The report came in the backdrop of a number of reports that said ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was also a Mossad agent although no credible…

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Freedom through surrender

Poetry for Palestine

Freedom through surrender
“Why do you have all these restrictions in Islam? You fast for a whole month. You have to give to charity. You don’t drink. You don’t gamble. Your women are covered up, head to toe. You don’t have a boy/ girl friend. You don’t exercise your sexual freedom. You pray five times a day. You do… You don’t… you do… you don’t… what an oppressed miserable lot you are! Is there any thing that you are actually allowed to do? Where is your freedom For Gods’ sake?”
Dear questioner
From where you’re standing, you are observing the picture from a different angle to mine; you are looking at one side of it. Hold on to my hand and come with me, just over here, to the other side, where I am standing, come for a moment, do not be afraid. I promise you that if you don’t…

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Hour before the Dawn

Deep sentiments felt

Poetry for Palestine

* * *

Earth is throbbing in curious anticipation

The avalanche is fast approaching

People dazed in deep sleep

Some eyes are peeled as if they know

* * *
* * *

Time to retreat, weary soul

Time to retreat

Rest in a niche where Light descends

Hand it all over to the One Supreme

Carve a hole in your heart, braid your loved ones in

One by one

* * *

* * *

O soul

Put your temporary house in order

Clean up the mess before the storm

Pluck up the weeds and plow the soil

Scatter the seeds for those to come

Give it back better than you received

Stunning… Atrociously beautiful

Humbly put your head down and pray

A modest sign of ample gratitude

* * *

* * *

Raise your gaze up to the sky

Note the signs to your dwelling place


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Palestine Momentum

“Boycotts are a legitimate nonviolent tactic that have been used both in our own country and around the world in order to create justice for marginalized and oppressed communities. Whether we support boycott is a controversy for the sake of heaven. It endures because we struggle together and debate how we can create peace, justice, […]



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