The zionist “jewish state” of Parasites !!

Israel is the worlds Cancer.

Sami, The Bedouin.

In 1923, the zionist propagandist Vladimir Jabotinsky established the parasitic nature of the zionist colonization project as dependent on a colonial super power of an “iron wall”:
“Thus we conclude that …This [zionist] colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. …”
Following the brief history of creating “Israel” one can easily see that it is a parasite nation that can not survive but on the effort of other nations:
First, it was Britain that promised them Palestine and toiled for 30 years starting from the Balfour Declaration up to the announcement of the de facto Zionist jewish state in 1947. It was the British money, the British military occupation of Palestine and the British facilitation to creat “Israel” on the rubble of the systematically devastated Palestinian socio-economic structure…

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“Love love to think”… independently

Israel is NOT a democracy but an occupying entity, governed with apartheid laws.

Palestine Momentum

“Russia’s actions in Ukraine give us continued reason for deep concern.A fragile ceasefire has been signed, but Russia has not met the demands of the international community, including the immediate and complete withdrawal of all military equipment and personnel from Ukrainian territory. Russia has not shown signs that they intend To meet the demands of the international community, despitemassive international pressure onLaw enforcement in their acts in Ukraine”, Foreign Minister Børge Brende said Oct.10.2014.

This is how Børge Brende explained the Norwegian government’s declaration of enforcing sanctions against Russia. He was one of the Norwegian political leaders who said he was against enforcing sanctions against israel.

A boycott will make the conflict bigger, and finding a peaceful solution harder. I belive that by building trust through dialogue and cooperation is the right approach”, Brende responded to Norwegian Union Federation’s (LO) endorsement

When LO voted to promote…

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Hungry For Freedom: History and Reality!!

#NoMoreHungerStrikes. #Freedom4Palestine

Sami, The Bedouin.

Abdel-Qader Abul-Fahem, the first Palestinian to pass martyr in hunger strike on July 11th 1970. Recently arrested and recovering from 72 shots in his body, Abdel-Qader insisted to share his comrades in the first collective hunger strike for the Palestinian prisoners, and told them: “I wont stay in the rear tunnel.”
His comrades and colleagues begged him to rest until he recovers from his wounds, but he insisted to share the strike, as he shared the revolution since his early childhood, and as suffering 72 woulds, he couldn’t stay for long and died after 5 days of the strike .
11-05-2010_287404580Hunger strike is the last, and probably the only mean that a prisoner (living in an unjustifiable and crushing reality) resort to in order to regain his basic rights and the sense of humanity.

Hunger strike as a mean to regain the sense of humanity and to restore connection…

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Hunger Strike: Health Consequences !!

The difference is so stark. No one should have endure Hunger strikes.

Sami, The Bedouin.

I remember the sweetest days in our childhood were the days of Ramadan, as we used to fast for 17 hours and endure the suffering everyday. However, you cant imagine the joy we had when we celebrate at the end of everyday around a table that includes every single member of the family waiting for the call prayers to break the fast. It is the almost joy and the sweetest meal you might have ever, especially as you starts breaking the fast by cold drink in a hot long summer day You feel the cold juice as if running through your whole body quenching the thirsty body and you are relieved. It is not only the drink and the food … it is the family joy and gathering every single day waiting “hungrily” for the ready meal.

As young as 8 years old we start fasting, and even sometimes as…

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Revolutionary Activist Joe Mchahwar Speaks About the Syrian People’s Resistance to U.S. Imperialism on Riverwest Radio’s ‘The Grass Is Greener’

Hands of Syria.

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Joe Mchahwar is a Syrian revolutionary activist in Detroit, Michigan with Workers World Party, Joe has been involved in local and international struggles for 5 years fighting water shut offs, the Detroit bankruptcy, racism, police terror, and other injustices. Joe has written and spoken dozens of times about the U.S. led war against Syria. That is our topic tonight, April 22, on Riverwest Radio 104.1FM at 8 P.M. in Milwaukee or from anywhere online at: Join us.

Joe Mshahwar Detroit April 2017

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London Marathon Running 4 Palestine

Palestine Momentum

Mohammed AlQadiis running 4 Palestine in thethe London Marathon 23 April 2017.

Mohammed AlQadi finished 6 marathons in 2016, and he’s traveling around the world to run full Marathons of 42km holding the Palestinian flag. Yes! During the whole 42km run, to spread awareness about Palestine and the Palestinian struggle.


AlQadi will be running London Marathon to support Sense to support the amazing work done by Team Sense.

Sense is a really important charity supporting children & young people with multi-sensory impairments and disabilities along with supporting their families too. Please help him raise as much as possible so he can achieve my target

£5 could buy a set of musical bells to help stimulate even the tiniest amount of a deafblind child’s hearing in music therapy

£7.50 could pay for a toy to help a deafblind child explore new sensations

£10 could pay for a stimulating…

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