The zionist Delusional Mentality God forgot to include brain in their skulls.

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Surprise! Surprise! Israel releases the Yeshiva students suspected of killing Palestinian mother


The Ugly Truth


MEMO – Shin Bet added that the five, who are students at the Pri Haaretz religious seminary in the Rechelim settlement in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus, were arrested “after intelligence efforts connecting them to the death of Al-Rabi.”

“The four were released after it was decided that the investigation could continue while they were under house arrest and other limiting conditions,” Shin Bet added. CONTINUE READING

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The Fraudulent Khazar Claim to Palestine

The Holocaust term meaning Genocide was created by the Khazars. Those who died in Germany did so of the Plague.

September 21, 2018

The Khazars bought the “Jewish” franchise in the 8th Century.
They needed to distinguish themselves from their neighbors who were
Christians and Muslims.
As John Beaty shows in his book, Iron Curtain over America, the NWO is very much a recrudescence of the old Khazar empire, extended to the whole planet. The Bolshevik Revolution was revenge for the destruction of the Khazar Empire in the 10th century by the Kievan Rus.
Even Israeli geneticists and historians say the Palestinians are the true descendants of the Biblical Hebrews and Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars.
A 2012 genetic study published in the British journal Genome Biology and Evolution claims that European Jews (Ashkenazi) don’t belong to the 12 (Semite) tribes of Israel. They’re a mix of genetic ancestries, far more of which than previously thought to originate in tribes from the…

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10 Zionist Arguments You’ve Encountered, But Didn’t Have Answers To

Palestine Momentum

10 Zionist Arguments You’ve Encountered, But Didn’t Have Answers To

Here are ten popular arguments Zionists use to defend Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and how to answer them effectively.

If you’re active in the struggle for peace and justice in the Middle East, you’ve no doubt frequently encountered Zionists who defend Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. You’re familiar with many of their talking points, and maybe you know how to answer many or most of them. Here are ten you’ve likely encountered, but perhaps didn’t know quite how to debate effectively–until now!

1. The Palestinian refugee problem is an unfortunate result of the Arab states launching a war of aggression in 1948 to wipe Israel off the map.


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