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The Zionist-Nazi Collaboration
Posted on07 August 2013.


The fact that the initiation of the Zionist project had nothing to do with the Holocaust, as it developed more than a half century earlier, and the fact of the mostly indifference to the slaughter of Jews on the part of the founders of Israel, together with its collaboration with the Nazi Party, undermines Israel’s projected, and exploited, image as innocent victim.

by William James Martin

Both Nazism and Zionism arose in tandem from small insignificant social movements in the early part of the 20th century, arguing, with equal force, that Jews were an alien and indigestible mass living in the midst of an otherwise pure Aryan population. Both movements contributed to the more general acceptance of this argument in…

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The Nakbah and the Great March of Return !!

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The Psychological context:

Every word in Arabic when analyzed must be reduced to its three-letters root which simply equal to the “infinitive” in English or the simple present verb, except in Arabic this “infinitive” is always just three letters. Nakbah نكبة can be reduced to N-K-B نكب nakab which mean to devastate or destroy completely. However, Nakbah means both the actual devastation and the psychological outcome of it. If someone loses his whole family in a car accidentو for example, we say he was (intakab انتكب) devastated which doesn’t only mean the outcome of the accident but more the inner devastation of the person who must have been psychologically destroyed by that great loss with the feeling of loneliness, being plucked out of his habitat and thrown in the middle of nowhere, to live the horror itself. This is exactly the feeling of the (mankoub منكوب) devastated person which might…

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America STILL think they have condamnation rights over Palestine!?

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Last Thursday the White House envoy Jason Greenblatt came with the following statement to the press

“We condemn leaders and protesters who call for violence or who send protesters—including children—to the fence, knowing that they may be injured or killed.”

I wonder if anyone in the press room asked Jason Greenblatt the following question;

Do you SERIOUSLY think you have ANY influence on Palestinians at all!?

I don’t know if Jason Greenblatt knows this, but in case he missed it, I feel the need to inform him…. Palestine is ANGRYat you! Palestine has been condemning you for ages! Your vetos, your self-appointed leadership of their land, and now seemingly ruler of their people(?).

Do you know who you’re talking to? Do you know where they live?? Do you know HOW it is to live there?! Even officials of the occupation admit that Gaza is a concentration camp, And despite…

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Here are an extensive, documented series of incidents, quotes and actions carried out by the zionist movement leading up to, during and after World War 2. I recommend that you read it.

It shows that zionism cosied up to fascists well before the war and that even though they were a tiny minority among European Jewry, they were given a lead vocal role in implementing the purge of Jews from their European home using the exact same language as the antiJudaic parties of the era.

They openly admit that the ultranationalist, “purity of race” principals of nazism are no different from their own.

That when Jews were being persecuted, they excused the persecution.

They consciensciously profited from the misery, both in wealth and personnel for their own personal ultranationalist, colonization scheme in Palestine.

They thwarted all global attempts to take in Jewish refugees.

They went…

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Armageddon – Zionism’s Diabolical Goal

“Christian Zionists, or dispensationalists, give Israel total support because they think there has to be an Israel there, a place — not for Jews, but for the battle of Armageddon, which they actually believe must occur. It’s part of the required steps, they believe, that will lead to their Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ…..”

Palestine Momentum

By Grace Halsell

I first went to Jerusalem in 1979 to research a book dealing with Christians, Muslims, and Jews. While there I met many third generation Americans, such as Bobby and Linda Brown of Brooklyn, who together with 25 other couples — half of them from the United States — moved onto land of the Palestinians and took the land at gunpoint. They staked off 750 acres and put a strong iron fence around it. Israeli soldiers guard this settlement night and day. That is illegal under every international law.

One evening, we sat under the stars looking at the flickering lights of Palestinian villages. Bobby Brown, with a wave of his arm, said: “All the Palestinians have to leave this land. God gave this land to us, the Jews.”

This incident made a deep impression on me. I knew Bobby Brown could not use an Uzi and…

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UK MP stunned by israel’s military trials of children

The UK created this disaster. Now they need to relocate the Zions.

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MP stunned by military trials of children


What On Earth Is Going On In The West Bank – And How Are We Letting It Happen?

By Sarah Champion, Huff Post
February 10, 2017

It’s cold. Really bitterly cold. The wind is whipping across the open countryside and the military compound I’m standing in is the first thing which breaks its path. It is the first week of January and I’m in Palestine, queuing to get inside so that I can see for myself the child detainees as they are processed and charged. I’m lucky. We sent my documents to the Israelis in advance and the two international lawyers I am with are well-known, so within 10 minutes we’re in. Not so fortunate are the parents who had been queuing long before we arrived. They most likely set off at five am to be there when the first case is…

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